Web Filter for Chrome

A web filter for Chrome, designed for your online wellbeing. Block websites and protect yourself from inappropriate content on your Android mobile device.

? App removal protection is available for Samsung devices via the Galaxy Store version. For all other Android devices, tap on the pink badge and subscribe via via Google Play.

Users can still get Web Filter for SPIN & Chrome via Google Play but without prevent removal features.

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Make Chrome Safe.

Your Android device has Google Chrome as its default browser. It is not filtered and can easily be used to browse adult content. Filter Chrome makes your Chrome safe and filtered from inappropriate content, including your Google searches.

Limit Adult Content. Automatically.

Browse the internet without the worry of accidentally falling into inappropriate content as it finds you these days. Filter Chrome blocks all Unfiltered Browsers on your device. Only our SPIN Safe Browser and Chrome can be used for a safer internet experience. You can block any specific domains too.

Self Manage or Be Accountable.

Be accountable to yourself or to your partner. Enable Filter Chrome’s Prevent Removal feature to make it very difficult to remove. Once enabled, you must request a token which works on a custom delay set if you are self-managing or is sent to your accountability partner. Check out our online resources page.

Your Digital Wellbeing Matters.

We all spend a tad too much time on our devices and some are downright addicted. Filter Chrome’s app blocking technology can block or time limit any app on your Android device. Have apps you spend too much time on? Set a daily limit to break free from time wasting apps like Facebook, Instagram and others.

Key Features

Blocks Unfiltered Browsers
Filters Chrome Browser
Block any domains
SPIN Safe Browser
App Time Limits
App Blocker
Edit Filter Categories
Self-Manage your browsing
Block New App Installs
Prevent Removal option
My App Usage
Use Anonymously: No Email Required

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Want app removal protection? If you have a Samsung device, got to the Galaxy Store. For all other Android devices, tap on the pink badge.

Internet Pornography by the Numbers

all porn web pages created in the USA 89%
mobile device traffic on pornhub.com 80%
US households reporting pornography a problem 47%
all internet users view porn online 43%
Chrome browser use on pornhub.com 41%

users are watching pornography every second


daily pornographic search engine requests

Also available for

Our web browsing filtering technology used in SPIN Safe Browser is also available as a Chrome Extension and Firefox add-on. We also offer our browser as a fully features free iOS browser that can be used instead of Apple’s Safari.